New product: Presentation of the Victron Ekrano GX

Vue avant du Victron Ekrano centre de communication et de surveillance à distance pour système solaire
Vue arrière du Victron Ekrano centre de communication et de surveillance à distance pour système solaire

We have been eagerly waiting for it for some time now, and this week we were thrilled to receive our first copies of one of Victron’s newest products: the Victron Ekrano GX.

Combining the communication features of the Victron Cerbo GX and the 7-inch touchscreen of the Victron GX Touch70 into a single device, it allows you to manage and monitor the operating parameters of your standalone system in person or remotely through the internet or Victron’s mobile application.

Among its many features, it allows you to monitor the battery’s state of charge, energy consumption, energy production from your PV solar system, generator, or grid. It is also possible to check the level of various tanks and temperature readings.

You can control the input current limit from the shore power, start and stop the generator(s) automatically, and adjust all settings to optimize the system.

Its biggest advantage is enabling a simpler, more compact, and tidier installation compared to the traditional combination of Cerbo GX + GX Touch. Several mounting options are available.

Therefore, it is an entirely new solution that adds to the already extensive range of products offered by Victron, which are particularly well-suited for recreational vehicles and off-grid cabins.

L’Ekrano GX is easily installed using a cutout for flush mounting and includes a steel bracket and springs for a surface-mounting on blind holes. All ports are easily accessible from the rear.

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