CS6Box – Condensate neutralizer kit


The Calefactio CS6Box Condensafe neutralizer kit is an outstanding innnovation in the condensate neutralizer domain. It is economical, environment friendly and clean.

The CS6Box – Condensate Neutralizer Kit is a complete solution for neutralizing acidic condensate from your HVAC system, thereby protecting your plumbing system and enhancing its efficiency

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Condensafe is an outstanding innovation in the condensate neutralizer domain.

The unit is divided in three sections and the media is contained in bags that you can replace easily when needed. These media bags are the only ones in the industry to have date labels so the user knows exactly when it’s time to replace them.Use only the sections you need!

As the unit is divided in three sections, you can place one, two, or three bags in the unit, depending on the volume of condensate that needs to be treated.


  • Innovative 3-section design which allows to use 1, 2 or 3 bags of #CSM2 media (for 2.1, 4.2 or 6.3 GPH condensate flow respectively) to reach a desired flow rate. This feature practically eliminates neutralizer -over or under-sizing problems and allows for future addition of condensing equipment without the need for purchasing separate condensate neutralizers.
  • No by-pass needed
  • No disconnection required to replace media
  • A 12-month time indicator that must be activated and stick to the top of the unit is included so the user knows exactly when to replace it. / Use only the sections you need
  • Can be connected to hard piped
  • Long-life heavy duty tank and cover
  • Brackets are included to fix the unit to the wall
  • No more dirty media replacement: engineered media is contained in an easy replaceable bag
  • Included: One media bag (#CSM2) / Two barbed fittings ½’’ x ¾’’ / Two glued fittings ½’’ x ¾’’ / Wall brackets

* Verify condensate flowrate on your appliance. In general, 500,000 BTU/hr at 92% efficiency should generate around 1.6 Gal/hr.

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Weight1,9 kg
Dimensions30,5 × 12 × 14 cm

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