5K-48-ST Hybrid Inverter/Charger – 48V/5000W



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An inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current produced by solar panels into alternating current. The power of an inverter is a testament to the amount of direct current it can transform into alternating current. The more powerful an inverter, the more electricity it can convert during operation.

As with a standard inverter, a grid inverter transforms direct current into alternating current, but in this case with a frequency and a value equivalent to that of the public electricity grid. The main difference with a conventional inverter is that the grid inverter is able to feed electricity back into the public electricity grid (in exchange for energy credits applicable on your next monthly bills).

Thus, to optimize solar production, it is a good idea to size the inverter correctly so that it can convert all of the energy produced by the solar panels. A grid hybrid inverter is a grid inverter that is also capable of being powered by batteries when a utility grid outage occurs.

It is therefore the most versatile type of inverter due to its flexibility of power supply.

In this regard, the Sol-Ark 12K hybrid grid inverter is the best investment you can make, thanks to its very high power (5 000W) and its excellent warranty (10 years).

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