24V/100Ah Smart LiFePO4 Battery – Bluetooth Enabled – Group 8D


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Being the perfect combination of size, weight and capacity, Ecosolaris lithium batteries are the perfect replacement for lead acid, AGM or GEL batteries.

A battery that can follow you wherever you go!

Our batteries are built with the highest quality components. They offer an incomparable weight to power ratio to meet the most demanding needs. Ecosolaris batteries are all designed for use in off-grid and solar energy systems for RVs, trailers, vans conversions, residential applications and much more!


Tier 1 BMS

Powered by a smart Battery Management System (BMS) manufactured by Texas Instruments, Ecosolaris batteries offer the best of the best. The BMS balances the charge and voltage of each cell in the battery. This protects the battery from misuse and allows for a longer life span.


Standard Bluetooth Connectivity

Ecosolaris batteries come standard with Bluetooth functionality. Using the Ecosolaris app (available in the Apple Store and Google Play), you will be able to track your battery’s usage and energy statistics in real time. With such a feature, no more unpleasant surprises!


Cold Weather Protection

Ecosolaris batteries feature advanced technology that prevents the battery from recharging in a low temperature environment (≤ 0°C). This eliminates any risk of irreversible damage (common for any type of lithium battery) and optimizes the lifespan of your battery.


Powerful and durable

Offering a minimum of 4000 charge cycles, Ecosolaris batteries give you peace of mind for a long time! Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, Ecosolaris batteries are the best choice for the most demanding applications. They offer 3 times the energy density and up to 8 times the number of charge cycles of a conventional lead-acid battery! An easy, ecological and economical choice!


Canadian Design and Superior Warranty

Ecosolaris has been working in the solar energy and off-grid energy systems sector for over 15 years. Our expertise has allowed us to develop products adapted to the most demanding applications. Connectivity of different components has no secrets for us and our batteries are designed to be compatible with the most reputable manufacturers of system components, such as Victron Energy. Ecosolaris batteries are manufactured with the highest quality components and undergo rigorous inspections before delivery to ensure proper operation. Our batteries use UL1973 certified grade A+ cells, which allows us to offer a 10-year limited warranty on the product.

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Weight 26 kg
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Weight26 kg
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