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A trusted partner

Ecosolaris has been celebrating 20 years of excellence. We pride ourselves in completely satisfying customers with 100% customized solar energy solutions. We design and assemble your project at our facility and we ship it, ready to install, anywhere in the world. 

World renowned components

We provide you with a wide variety of high quality components to suit your needs. Our brands have been carefully selected to ensure that every system benefits from reliability and performance over a lifetime.

Exceptional customer service

Our team is always available to discuss with you and guide you through your project, before and after. We stop at nothing to make sure you get the best solar energy solutions anywhere you are. 

Tailored Solutions for Every Solar Energy Need

We’ve helped hundreds of off-grid individuals and businesses to become self-sufficient.
Our expertise will make your project easy to conceive and our team is always happy to help.

Your Trusted Solar Energy Exportation Partner

Ecosolaris is your partner of choice when it comes to conceiving, assembling and delivering your solar energy systems worldwide. 

Let’s plan your project today.