The CHINOOK solar air heater is a revolutionary new product designed by ÉCOSOLARIS that can heat your home’s interior using solar power.

Using a combination of solar thermal and photovoltaic sources, the CHINOOK is 100% autonomous and can heat any space up to 1000 square feet on a freezing sunny day. The way it works is very simple: when the thermal solar panel produces up to 1500w of energy for heating purposes, the photovoltaic solar panel then activates an internal fan that efficiently circulates and distributes the heat generated throughout your space.

It’s revolutionary design allows it to performs very well on very cold days that are generally very sunny and bright, by capturing the heat of the sun’s rays and storing it.

This air heater is very popular especially with those who own small homes, “tiny-houses”, cottages, cabins, basements, garages, greenhouses, warehouses, etc. You can use this heater to heat any space with no effort required other than installing the panel on a facade facing the sun!

Come see the ÉCOSOLARIS air heater for yourself today.

ÉcoSolaris panneau solaire chauffe air


  • I am pretty happy with the two panels we installed in one of our small cottages in Haliburton, Ontario last summer (one on the roof, one on the wall) - they are very good supplemental heaters; they make a significant difference in the cabin temperature compared to our other cabins without panels. When the fans are on full, they are in the 55-60 db range, not too loud. I like that they are completely self-sufficient. The one on the roof is slightly more efficient, but as Ecosolaris points out, you may have to be prepared to brush some snow off the roof-mounted unit. We would've mounted the second unit vertically, but because most of our cabin's southern wall has windows, we didn't have enough vertical wall space for the second unit! Testimonial customer hot air solar heater Ontario Testimonial customer hot air solar heater Ontario

    Graham Bennett - Cambridge, Ontario


ÉcoSolaris Solar Energy Panels Electric Charging Stations Air-Heater

What is an air heater?

The air heater is a product created by Ecosolaris which allows to heat the interior of your residence thanks to the solar energy. Once installed, this system with solar panels and high-performance fans pushes the air into the ducts in your home for an optimum heating. The air heater has the peculiarity of self-sufficiency. It is installed on one of the exterior walls of your residence in order to position well the top panels as well as the photovoltaic panel located at the bottom of the structure. This is an effective alternative to conventional heating systems that require very little maintenance and are easy to install. Find out today about the EcoSolaris air heater.

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