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We are proud to announce that the entire range of smart home products from the Quebec company Sinopé is now available at the Ecosolaris store located at 622 Boul. Roland-Godard in Saint-Jérôme, in the Laurentians.

The range of Sinopé products available in store includes the following products:

  • Programmable 24V low voltage thermostats for radiant floor
  • Programmable 3000W and 4000W line thermostats for baseboard heaters
  • Programmable switch
  • Programmable dimmer
  • Charge controller
  • SEDNA Water leakage detection system and automatic closing of the main water supply

Here is a small overview of each of these products:

Sinopé low voltage WEB thermostat (24V) for hydronic water / glycol radiant floor

Thermostat WEB basse tension (24V) Sinopé pour plancher radiant hydronique eau / glycolThis is the thermostat that we offer immediately to all our hydronic radiant floors (water / glycol)  customers because it is a very elegant model that can be equipped with a probe to measure the temperature of the concrete slab.  It is thus possible to control the maximum temperature of the air while setting a minimum and maximum temperature for the slab. This is particularly suitable for radiant floors installed in garages. Thus, when the garage door opens, the air flow generated would normally cause an immediate start of the floor heating while the slab is still hot. Thanks to the probe, the thermostat will not ask the boiler to start unnecessarily. Although it is not recommended to vary the temperature of a radiant floor according to the time of day, it is very useful to be able to lower the temperature setpoint during a prolonged absence, for example at the chalet, and bring it back to his return. The Neviweb interface makes it easy to do this simply by remotely clicking the “Away” or “Present” button on your smartphone, tablet or computer, saving you energy. The WEB interface is however necessary in this case.


Online store Ecosolaris Sinope radiant floor thermostat


Sinopé TH1120RF-3000 and TH1120RF-4000 Line Thermostats for Electric Baseboard Heaters


Thermostat programmable sans fil WEB pour plinthe electrique Sinope 3000WFor those who heat with electric baseboard heaters or convectors, which is very common in Quebec, the TH1120RF models are ideal. The WEB interface makes it possible to adjust the set temperatures according to the time zones and to copy them from one thermostat to another with disconcerting ease (Web gateway required) . As with all intelligent thermostats in Sinopé, simply click on “Away” or “Home” on your phone or computer and the room temperature will adjust accordingly.


Online store boutique en ligne

Sinopé SW2500/DM2500 programmable switch and dimmer

Interrupteur programmable sans fil web SinopeGradateur WEB Sinopé DM2500RF

The wall switch and the Sinopé programmable dimmer switch the lights on / off remotely, create scenes involving various lighting sources, automate indoor / outdoor lighting depending on the time of day and of sunset, allows to associate 2 switches to create a 3-way switch even if the switches are not on the same electrical circuit, allows to change the light intensity (dimmer only), etc …

The switch and the dimmer are available in “Sinopé”, “Zigbee” and “Control4” versions, which allows them to be integrated into different home automation systems.


Online store boutique en ligne



Sinopé RM3250 Charge Controller

The Sinopé programmable charge controller controls the start and stop of loads such as water heaters, pool pumps, window air conditioners, charging stations for electric cars, etc. according to a schedule or according to sunrise and sunset time. It will also save money with Hydro-Québec’s future dynamic rate program by powering off some of the more energy-hungry devices during peak rates. It also records the electricity consumption of connected devices.

The Sinopé charge controller is available in “Sinopé”, “Zigbee” and “Control4” versions, which makes it possible to integrate it into different home automation systems.


Online store boutique en ligne


SEDNA Water leakage detection system and automatic closing of the main water supply

Although it may be interesting to be notified remotely by email or text message when a break occurs at home and it causes water damage (ex: breakage of a dishwasher hose or the water heater), it is even more interesting that the damage can not increase by cutting the main water supply of the residence. This is what the Sinopé SEDNA system can do with its water leak detection sensors and intelligent motorized valve. It is also possible to be notified when a temperature drop is detected. In addition, the system remains functional even in the event of a power failure. No WEB gateway is required since it is integrated into the valve.

On the other hand, for people who do not want to get the complete system, it is possible to get only probes (Zigbee) to integrate them into a home automation system and thus be notified when a water leak or a risk of frost is detected.


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