Luna Solar Light 8W


  • Description

    Luna Solar Light – 8W

    1. Remote control-Simple operation, change to different modes easily.
    2. Wireless application-Integrated solar panel, LED, lithium battery, micro-controller and other accessories into one system, simple and stylish.
    3.  Micro-computer controlled-Combine motion sensor system, light control system and time control system perfectly, ensure whole system more energy-efficient.
    4. Easy installation-No power required, no cables required, easy installation in 2 minutes.
    5. Solar panel angle adjustable-Rotate 360°, ensure maximum efficiency of solar energy conversion.


    6. Extreme light-Light efficiency reach 160lm/w, at same illumination, lower watt available.


    7.  Lithium battery—Adopt lithium battery to replace traditional gel battery, longer lifetime.


    8. Long time working—Working continuously for 4-5 rainy days.


    9. More than 5 years lifetime.

  • Additional information

    Weight 11 kg
    Dimensions 45 × 34 × 29 cm

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