Thermostat prog. Web 24V Sinopé TH1400ZB Zigbee


Sinopé 24V low voltage programmable smart thermostat Web TH1400ZB Zigbee

  • Description

    Sinope 24V low voltage Zigbee thermostat for radiant heating floor – TH1400ZB

    The low voltage smart thermostat has the following features:

    • Second output allowing the control of an auxiliary heating device
    • Floor or ambient temperature control*
    • Temperature control while taking into account another control mode
    • Selection of the length of the control cycle according to the type of load connected to the thermostat
    • Protection of the pump of a hydronic system during long periods of inactivity
    • Control with your smartphone, tablet or computer**
    • Works with home automation platforms such as SmartThings
    • Can be voice controlled with the Google Assistant (Google Home) and Alexa (Amazon Echo) through SmartThings
    • Integrates with personalized scenes**
    • Outdoor temperature display*
    • Detection of the connected load
    • Lockable buttons**
    • Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
    • Backlit display

    *Floor sensor not included. Compatible with the Sinopé floor heating sensor or 10K and 12K sensors at 25 ° C.

    ** Feature available if supported by your Zigbee-compatible hub and its application.

    The low voltage smart thermostat – Zigbee – 24 Vac is designed to control heating devices such as:

    • Baseboard heater activated by an electronic relay (SSR)
    • Baseboard heater activated by a mechanical relay
    • Fan-forced convector
    • Electric floor heating (activated by a relay)
    • Hydronic floor heating
    • Hydronic heating system
    • Furnace (without fan control)

    Cannot be used with:

    • Air conditioning system
    • Heat pump
      * The installation requires the presence of 3 wires: supply, load and common.

    Connectivity requirements

    • Samsung SmartThings Hub V2 or V3 connected to the Internet
    • Smartphone or tablet through the Samsung SmartThings Classic App


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    Weight 0.250 kg
    Dimensions 15 × 10 × 4 cm

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