Smart Thermostat 24V, WiFI, Sinopé TH1400WF with voice control


Sinopé 24 low voltage smart programmable thermostat, WiFI, Sinopé TH1400WF with voice control compatible with Apple HomeKit

  • Description

    Sinope smart Wi-Fi 24V low voltage thermostat for radiant heating floor – TH1400WF

    The low voltage smart Wi-Fi thermostat has the following features:

    • Control your thermostats with the Neviweb app
    • No hub required
    • Works with Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants
    • Create scenes for the perfect ambiance and comfort in a single click
    • Lock manual control to only keep the remote control
    • Determine the minimum and maximum set temperature for each thermostat
    • Sort your devices by room and by type of device in Neviweb
    • See your energy consumption in real-time ($ / kWh /%) and save on your electricity bill*
    • Program different schedules for each day of the week, up to 8 times a day
    • Activate the following modes for precise control based on your needs: auto, manual, and standby
    • Access the outside temperature provided by The Weather Network featured directly on the thermostat display
    • View the indoor and setpoint temperature displayed in °C or °F on the thermostat display
    • Have the right time anytime displayed in the format of your choice (12h or 24h): your device automatically synchronizes the time
    • Activate the backlit display at all times or leave it in automatic mode to see well day and night
    • Allows floor or ambient temperature control**
    • Equipped with a second output allowing the control of an auxiliary heating device
    • Select the length of the control cycle according to the type of load connected to the thermostat
    • The thermostat is equipped with a pump protection functionality during long periods of inactivity for hydronic systems

    * Upcoming feature

    ** Floor sensor not included. Compatible with the Sinopé floor heating sensor of 10K and 12K sensors at 25 ° C. The smart low voltage thermostat is designed to control heating devices such as:

    • Baseboard heater activated by electronic relay (SSR)
    • Baseboard heater activated by mechanical relay
    • Fan-forced convector
    • Electric floor heating (activated by a relay)
    • Hydronic floor heating
    • Hydronic heating system
    • Furnace (without fan control)

    Cannot be used with:

    • Air conditioning system
    • Heat pump
      * The installation requires the presence of 3 wires: supply, load and common.

    Connectivity requirements


    • Permanent Internet connection
    • Neviweb app, available for free on the App Store and on Google Play
    • Smartphone or tablet

    The initial installation must be performed on a mobile device.


  • Additional information

    Weight 0.250 kg
    Dimensions 15 × 10 × 4 cm

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