3 Zone Valve Control Caleffi ZVR103


3 Zone Valve Control Caleffi ZVR103 for hot water and glycol radiant floor heating system with 3 thermostat

  • Description

    Multi-zone valve relay and boiler operating control for multiple zone hydronic heating systems.
    Interfaces with low voltage thermostats or any other low voltage controllers having a switching action.

    Controls from 3 to 6 zones (model dependent).
    System circulator pump and secondary pump is turned on whenever any zone calls for heat.

    LED indicators provide functional status and easy system troubleshooting.
    ZVR series is a perfect match with Caleffi Z-one™ motorized zone valves.

  • Technical specifications

    Power supply: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Transformer voltage: 24 VAC
    Max transformer load:
    40 VA (ZVR103 and ZVR104)
    80 VA (ZVR106)

    Electrical switch rating: 20 A max combined
    Electrical switch rating pumps: 120 VAC, 5 A each
    Dry contact rating (AUX, XX, ZONE 1 E/S): 120 VAC, 2 A each

    Resettable fuse: automatic

    High capacity 40 VA transformer standard for 3 and 4 zone models (expandable to 80 VA)
    80 VA transformer standard for 6 zone control model

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  • Additional information

    Weight 2.2 kg
    Dimensions 31 × 31 × 8 cm

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