6 Zone Expandable Switching Relay Caleffi ZSR106


6 Zone Expandable Switching Relay Caleffi ZSR106 for six circulator pumps hot water and glycol radiant floor system

  • Description

    Six Zone Switching Relay for radiant floor (for six thermostats and six pumps)

    Multi-zone pump and boiler operating control for multiple zone hydronic heating systems.
    Interfaces with low voltage thermostats or any other low voltage controllers having a switching action.

    Controls from 3 to 6 heating circulator pumps (model dependent).
    Primary pump with LED indicators to provide functional status and easy system troubleshooting.
    Primary pump system circulator is switched on whenever any zone calls for heat.

    Power supply:  120 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Transformer voltage:  24 VAC
    Max transformer load:
    12 VA (ZSR103 and ZSR104)
    20 VA (ZSR106)

    Electrical switch rating:  20 A max combined
    Electrical switch rating pump output:  120 VAC, 5 A each

    Dry contact rating (AUX, XX, ZONE1 E/S):  120 VAC max, 2 A each

    Replaceable fuses:  Type 2AG, 5 A slow blow


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    Weight 1 kg
    Dimensions 23 × 28 × 8 cm

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