SALUS SX885ZB miniSmartPlug


  • Description

    Features and Benefits

    Perfect for turning on the pump of your radiant floor system when one of the SALUS AWRT10RF thermostats is asking for heat

    The SALUS miniSmartPlug is small, yet powerful enough to provide simple on/off power control of devices using up to 15 A.

    • Small size not only keeps the other outlet of a standard duplex receptacle clear, it also allows use of a second miniSmartPlug
    • A wide range of devices can be controlled given the maximum load of 15 A
    • Works with home automation systems to allow smartphones, tablets or PCs to turn on and off devices from anywhere
    • Monitor and manage power consumption from the home automation system
    • Extends wireless network by repeating messages

    SALUS wireless system

    Explication système sans fil SALUS pour plancher radiant

  • Additional information

    Weight 0.250 kg
    Dimensions 15 × 10 × 4 cm

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