SKU: MAN-100012-07

7-loops Ecosolaris Stainless Steel Manifold


7-loops circuits 1” Stainless Steel Radiant floor Heating Manifold Assembly with Flow Meter for hot water and glycol PEX tube heating system, 1/2” adapters/compression nuts included

  • Description

    Manifolds are used to distribute water and/or glycol in the PEX pipes of a underfloor heating system.

    Ecosolaris manifolds are part of the material you will need to have a good quality heating system.

    They are made up witth:

    • A 1 inch female ball valve at the begining and at the end of the manifold.
    • Temperature gauges at the begining and at the end of the manifold. (Gauges allow you to see the liquid temperature after passing throught the heating floor system)
    • Temperature gauges at the end and beginning of the manifold
    • A manual valve on each circuit (when you  have several thermostats on your manifold, the manual valves can be replaced by actuators)
    • An adjustable flowmeter on each circuit
    • An air vent at the end and beginning of the manifold.
    • Fittings to connect the PEX pipe to the manifold (included)
  • Additional information

    Weight 6.35029318 kg
    Dimensions 24 × 14.5 × 5 cm

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