Take advantage of all the benefits of solar energy for your RV or cottage!
Canada, with its vast natural territory is undoubtedly a fantastic playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether at the cottage, camping or using recreational vehicles, people are now looking to move away from urban areas while still maintaining a relative level of comfort. This is where solar energy is ideal in this situation and helps to extend your stay in the outdoors while maintaining a certain level of comfort and even luxury, regardless of the season.

When it comes to off-grid systems, ÉCOSOLARIS provides an unparalleled experience. Our team has worked on numerous projects throughout Quebec and abroad: From small to giant projects, from northern to southern hemispheres and tropical regions, in every season, our professionals have the expertise. Let our team assist you in every aspect of your projects.

Our experience and expertise enables us to focus on our customers’ needs and propose adapted solutions.

Entrust your project to our team of experts.

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ÉcoSolaris Solar Energy Panels Electric Charging Stations Air-Heater

    Solar sets for:

    • Camping
    • Shed
    • Mini-house
    • Cottage
    • Residential
    • Commercial

    The options are endless! Your project requires a source of energy, the solar panel becomes a choice to consider.

    ÉcoSolaris énergie solaire capteur solaire thermique Québec
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