Heating intelligently with radiant floor heating is both an ecological and economical option.

Did you know?

The cost of heating represents on average 60% of the annual cost of a typical building in Quebec.

Radiant flooring is a renewable source of heating that is both energy efficient and a very comfortable way of heating a home helps to significantly reduce your heating bill. It’s convenient for:

  • Unparalleled comfort throughout the space
  • Affordability and maintenance free
  • Quiet operation
  • Doesn’t create uncomfortable air movement
  • Unrestricted furniture placement in heated space

ÉCOSOLARIS, industry leaders in the field of radiant hot water heating!

Thermostat web internet pour plancher radiant

Our systems are equipped with thermostats that can be controlled remotely via the internet

A heating system needs to be both quiet and efficient. It plays a crucial role in your home, making sure that all occupants are warm and comfortable. Thanks to ÉCOSOLARIS, you now have an alternative-heating source to replace conventional convection systems that circulate air through your home, which provides inadequate results.

Ensuring quality and a great attention to detail!
Today, more and more contractors are integrating heated flooring systems into their project designs. Heated floors are becoming the norm is contemporary homes.


ÉCOSOLARIS radiant flooring provides a warm pleasant feeling that also eliminates colder areas, air circulation and poorly heated rooms in the home. In addition, the temperature is evenly distributed in all the rooms of the house for better heat distribution. This heating system actually improves the indoor air quality. Get in touch and take full advantage of your living space!

Put your trust in our team of qualified professionals. ÉCOSOLARIS has the experience and know-how you’ll need to meet your energy needs. Our team understands the importance of a job well done and is committed to making sure you are completely satisfied with the services provided. For a turnkey or do-it-yourself pre-assembled service of your new heating system, give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and trust us with your project!

Pre-assembly panel for hydronic water floor heating system including boiler, manifold and pump

Pre-assembled panel for hydronic heating floor system – Écosolaris


Your heating system, the key to lowering your energy costs

Radiant heating systems consist of a glycol-water mixture that circulates through the floors using pex pipes. The floors, usually made of concrete, but can also be made of wood or engineered floor planks, distribute the heat evenly throughout the ground in every room.

Thermo 2000 electric boiler

Thermo 2000 electric boiler

This system also uses a multitude of energy options to produce the necessary heat:

  • Electric boiler (standard)
  • Wood and pellet boilers
  • Gas boiler
  • Thermal solar panels
  • Etc.

For example, by using wood or pellets boilers as a source of heat, your radiant flooring will operate without requiring energy from utility companies.

ÉcoSolaris Solar Energy Panels Electric Charging Stations Air-Heater

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