Pre-assembled panels for radiant heating

– Make your life easier thanks to our unique “plug and play” concept –


No need to convince you that a water heated floor is comfortable and economical, you are certainly already aware (no? Check this article!).


However, installation costs can be significant if the work is done by professionals. That’s why a lot of people turn to a DIY installation (do it yourself). However, not everyone is suited to make all the installation themselves …


  • Pre-assembly of the different devices used for a floor heating system on a panel


  • Determine customer needs (number of zones, loops, pumps, manifold, etc.)
  • Installation of all devices on a recycled plastic panel
  • Delivery to the customer for installation (by the customer himself or by the professionals of Ecosolaris)

Did you know that a third option exists, one that Ecosolaris offers? We can indeed pre-mount all the components of the system (chosen according to your needs) on a recycled plastic panel. On your side, all you have to do is install the plumbing pipes in your floor (for examples, click here) and connect the inlet and the outlet of the system to the panel.

The installation of your floor heating system becomes a piece of cake!

Here is a typical example of a pre-assembled plumbing panel:

  1. Thermo2000 Electric Boiler (Quebec product)
  2. Quality manifold
  3. Caleffi air eliminator
  4. Wilo pump
  5. Calefactio charging system that can maintain pressure at all times

As well as several panels that we realized in recent years:

Finally, we’d like to remind you that we offer options for all tastes and budgets: turnkey, pre-assembled panels or the sale of components only.


We look forward to assisting you in your floor heating project!

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