Plumbing installation radiant floor

– Isorad, wire mesh and plywood –


At Ecosolaris, we often install radiant flooring for clients. Depending on the type of building, the installation methods will vary.


When the project is designed to be installed when the footing is not finished, the installation of Isorad type panels greatly facilitates the installation of pex pipes and insulation. Here are some pictures to illustrate the process:


  • Plumbing installation of pex (crosslinked polyethylene, heat resistant) for a radiant floor.


  • Turnkey installation of pex (crosslinked polyethylene) for radiant floor according to the specificities of your building
    • On isorad, wire mesh or plywood

When a project is planned so that the installation of the pex for radiant heating is done at the same time as the pouring of concrete for the slab, we use instead the wire mesh in place to fix the plumbing:

Finally, if you would like to get the comfort of a radiant floor, but your house is already built, another method of installation is possible. This involves removing the existing floor covering and returning to the plywood. The pex hoses can be installed on the plywood (and a vapour Barrier if necessary) and a thin layer of concrete (1 “1/2) is poured over… Here are some pictures of some realizations using this technique:

Lastly, we can’t finish without presenting the photos of a completed residence incorporating a radiant floor:

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