Boilers for radiant heating

– electric, natural gas and propane –

It is one thing to have the pex plumbing and all its components (whether pre-mounted on a panel or not) installed, but we still need a solution to heat the coolant!


Several devices may be suitable, we only have to determine the available sources of energy on the site of the installation. If you live in an area where a natural gas line is going, it may be advantageous to use it. Otherwise, if your home is connected to the Hydro-Québec grid, as is the case for the majority of Quebecers, an electric boiler would be appropriate. Finally, in the case of an off-grid cabin or house, the only alternative for this type of installation is propane.


Here are some boilers installed by our professionals:


  • Installation of a boiler that will heat the coolant circulating in a radiant floor


  • Determine the right type of boiler (electric, natural gas or propane) according to customer needs
  • Installation of the boiler (by the customer or the Ecosolaris professional)

Finally, did you know that all the heat transfer is not obligated to be done in the floor? You could also install recycled hot water boilers or specialized towel warmers!


Here are some examples:

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