In order to ensure optimum heat distribution in the circuits of our radiant floors, we only use manifolds with all the required components.


  • We use our own line of manifolds, which makes our prices competitive
  • Our manifolds are equipped with all necessary valves to isolate each zone (facilitates the maintenance and filling of the system)
  • Our manifolds include flow meters to ensure that water / glycol flows in each circuit (possibility to adjust the flow of different zones for greater comfort)
  • Two air traps are installed inside the manifold to evacuate the air present in the system
  • Two gauges allow to visualize the difference of temperature after the water / glycol has circulated in the floor

Avoid using hand-made manifolds, each component is important!


  • When filling it will be difficult to know if the water / glycol circulates in each of the circuits
  • In case of problems you will not be able to quickly diagnose the cause, or even a professional
  • You may not be able to control the heat distribution properly, which could cause discomfort (too cold or too hot)
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