DC-DC chargers

Also called battery to battery chargers, DC-DC chargers are mostly used in RVs. They allow for proper charging of your utility batteries while the engine is running. The vehicle alternator generates DC current while driving to power the vehicle’s electrical system and charge the starter battery. 

They differ from a battery isolator in that the charger respects the charge stages of your batteries, while the isolator simply applies the alternator voltage. This guarantees an improved life span of your batteries. One of the problems with isolators is that they don’t work well with today’s latest vehicle smart alternators. This is because today’s smart alternators are very efficient and only work when needed to generate enough power to keep the vehicle’s battery charged. It can take much longer than a DC-DC setup, just because there is no additional power available to charge the off-grid battery.

Charging from DC to DC is so efficient that you can completely skip the use of solar panels.  However, the reliability of DC-DC charging depends on the usage of the car when using a large amount of electricity in the car to drive air conditioners, car stereos, lights, etc. The more energy used to operate the vehicle and its devices, the less excess DC energy can be used to charge the battery.

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