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Who hasn’t wanted to be their own power producer and have resiliency when the public power grid goes down? That’s what Ecosolaris’ hybrid residential solar energy systems offer.

What does it mean to be grid-tied?

Being grid-tied means that your residence is connected to the public power grid. Typically, the electricity produced by the solar panels can have two uses; either to be consumed by the occupants of the residence or to be injected into the public power grid when it is not in use.

The advantage of such a system is in terms of its reliability and the savings it offers, given that the public power grid can always supply electricity in the event of an energy deficit and because a compensation is offered when electricity is sent back to the grid. A grid-tied system is also less expensive than an off-grid system since it does not require the installation of batteries.

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System Sizing

Now that you know which solar components are needed in a camper van and you understand their usefulness, here comes the sizing part. For more in depth information, feel free to have a look at our learn tab!


The first component to size are the solar panels. The quantity of solar panels you need depends on the available surface on your roof and the amount of energy you want to produce. That said, most grid-tied projects have from 8 to 16 solar panels of 300W (and higher) of power each.


The second component to size is the inverter. Its sizing depends on the inverter type you have, which depends on the amount of solar panels that you have and/or on the amount of power you need to power your electrical appliances.


The third component to size are the batteries. They are not mandatory since the power gird can always be used as a backup when the solar panels are not producing energy, but they provide an autonomy when the grid fails. The quantity of batteries you need depends on how many appliances you want to run on solar and how much energy those appliances consume while running. The amount of batteries needed also vary depend on the battery type you desire (Lead-Acid, AGM, Gel or Lithium).


Several monitoring components can be added to your system if you wish to obtain energy data from them. These components can be battery balancers, battery monitors, battery protectors and/or system monitors.

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