EVDuty “SMART-Home” and “SMART-Pro” EV charging station arrive

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Elmec announced today the launch of its  EVduty smart EV charging stations products line. Available immediately for sale, the first deliveries will take place around mid-December 2017.

Elmec’s line of EVDuty smart charging stations consists of two versions named “SMART-Home” and “SMART-Pro”. The main difference between the two models is the possibility of generating revenue with the “SMART-PRO” charging station.

The features are accessible from the EVduty application, which can be downloaded for free from AppStore (https://goo.gl/fN5qoX) or GooglePlay (https://goo.gl/8es7qx).

EVDuty smart charging station features of the SMART products line:


EVDuty Smart-Home Smart-Pro electric cars charging station functionnality features

For customers who bought an EVDuty EVC30 charging station before November 24, 2017, it will be possible to purchase an upgrade for $ 200 to turn the EVC30 electric cars charging station into a “SMART-Home” version.

The “SMART-Home” version will retail $ 999 while the “SMART-Pro” version will sell for $ 1199.

It is therefore possible to order its EVDuty SMART charging station now on our online store

Need advice on which version to buy? Contact us and we will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable solution for your situation.

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