Satisfied customers all along the line.

Ecosolaris offers you outstanding after-sales customer service and quality technical support. The manufacture of our products and our close relationships with the largest manufacturers in the field guarantee you optimal support, both before and after your project is completed.

Excellent service, very professional! During my trip in Western Canada, I had a major problem with the auxiliary battery system of my van. I had the remote support of Ronan and thanks to him I was able to make the repair on the road and continue my trip. Thank you Ronan for the service and follow-up even on weekends!

Olivier Tremblay

Thank you to Mr. Lévesque and the entire team at Écosolaris for following up and advising me throughout the installation of my solar system. 1800 watts of panel, system 24 vdc, 12vdc and 110vac, and remote management system. 110% service, they take the time to explain and identify our needs. I recommend!

Mario Lafond

Really good service. Ronan spent 1h15 with me on the phone and this 45min after the end of his shift to give me all the information I needed. I am looking forward to testing the solar panel products on my trailer. The products seem to be of very good quality at a very good price and the service is number one. During my visit to the store, Maxence provided the explanation and delivery of the products. He was aware of my case despite the fact that I had never spoken to him. Frankly, this local company is worth a visit.

Simon Cloutier

Already my third purchase from them! Always the same excellent service and especially very good advice! Thank you!

Sylvain Plaisance