Cielo Breez Plus smart thermostat for air conditioner now distributed in Canada by Écosolaris

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Cielo Breez Plus smart thermostat for air conditioner now distributed in Canada by Écosolaris

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to make their air conditioner smart? To be able to start or stop it remotely from his smartphone and adjust its temperature automatically to the time of day?

Écosolaris, looked into this issue and decided to offer the Cielo Breez Plus intelligent controller, developed in California, in the United States, to the Canadian market. It is a unique product. It is the only one which makes it possible to make an air conditioner intelligent while allowing to control it locally thanks to a thermostat. Smartphone is fine, but nothing faster than a thermostat placed on the wall or on a table to quickly change the operating parameters of its air conditioner.

As the Cielo Breez Plus works with all types of heat pumps with a remote control, it is also possible to control the heating of your house or apartment during the winter.

Écosolaris is therefore proud to offer this new product to its customers in Canada, which will allow them to improve their comfort, simplify their lives and allow them to save energy.


Thermostat intelligent pour climatiseur Cielo Breez Plus

Let hermostat intelligent pour climatiseur et thermopompe Cielo Breez Plus

Here are some of the Cielo Breez Plus controller features:

– Cielo Breez Plus smart thermostat works with all types of air conditioners and heat pumps with remote control

– Control your air conditioners and heat pumps through smartphone from anywhere in the world.

– On device touch buttons ensure that you can locally control all the functions of your connected AC even without Wi-Fi

– Temperature sensing at the device —making it easy for you to get the temperature you want


– Reduce the electricity bills of your home, your hotel or any commercial premises thanks to the possibility of defining a personalized schedule over a 7-day time slot

– Excellent option for residential and hospitality users with mini-split air conditioners, window air conditioners, portable air conditioners or even dehumidifiers.


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