To choose the right charge controller for you, you need to divide the total power of your solar panels (in watts) by the voltage of your battery bank (in volts). The result of this division will be the amperage that your charge controller must supply to your batteries for their recharge.

Here is an example of calculation for a user with 4 solar panels of 300W and a bank of batteries in 24V:

4 x 300W = 1200W → 1200W ÷ 24V = 50A → The charge controller you need must be able to supply 50A minimaly.

That said, the difference between the ” Light ” and ” Pro ” models is in the settings and the possibility of adding a temperature sensor. The ”Light” models are not programmable and do not have a temperature sensor while the ”Pro” models are programmable and can have a temperature sensor (sold separately). The settings allow you to modify the voltages of the battery charging stages (Bulk, Absorption, Float).

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