The Chinook is used to heat the air in a given space. Its operation is very simple: the air heater captures the sun rays and heats up little by little. When the temperature inside the air heater is higher than that of the air in the adjacent room, its built-in fan activates and sends warm air into it. Knowing that the Chinook also comes with a 100W photovoltaic solar panel that produces electricity dedicated to the operation of its fan, the air heater is fully autonomous.

In sunny weather, the Chinook produces up to 1125 Watts of 100% solar heating per hour (the equivalent of 3800 BTU/h), allowing it to easily heat an area of ​​up to 600 square feet. The amount of energy produced by the air heater is therefore equivalent to that produced by a standard four-foot electric baseboard, which is not negligible.

Since it only operates during sunny periods, the air heater is a backup heat source for the building’s primary heat source. Nevertheless, it substantially reduces the heating demand of the existing system, significantly reducing the relative humidity level of the ambient air.

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