A Reputation of Excellence

For almost 15 years, the most reputable brands have coexisted with Ecosolaris’ line of home products under one roof, with the most experienced team of experts in the country!

From the very beginning, Ecosolaris carried out some of the most innovative renewable energy projects in the province and have made a name for themselves with large-scale projects in Benin and West Africa.

In 2014, the company launched the first French-speaking renewable energy online store in America.

In 2016, it joined forces with GT GLOBE, a manufacturer of hydronic heating components. This merger allowed the new company to distinguish itself in the production and distribution of ecological heating products.

In 2018, while continuing the development of its Ecological Heating division, Ecosolaris made an important shift by maximizing its expertise in off-grid solar systems through the arrival and ongoing training of expert technicians in solar energy and energy storage.

In 2020, Ecosolaris set up a research and development laboratory with the goal of launching its own line of off-grid products such as lithium batteries, solar lights and solar heat pumps.

To date, Ecosolaris focuses on marketing its off-grid products with several energy actors, both local and international.


With their convincing qualifications and their willingness to learn continuously, the Ecosolaris team is very well positioned to make your projects a reality.

Choosing Ecosolaris means teaming up with technicians who will determine your needs and offer you the best possible energy solutions, no matter what type of project you have!

Whether you are an individual, a company, a distributor or an installer, we adapt our offer so that we can all win!

Ecosolaris works with you for:

  • Material distribution.
  • Advanced technical support.
  • Turnkey projects.
  • Engineering services.