ÉcoSolaris Solar Energy Panels Heating
ÉcoSolaris Solar Energy Panels Heating
ÉcoSolaris Solar Energy Panels Heating
ÉcoSolaris Solar Energy Panels Heating
ÉcoSolaris Solar Energy Panels Heating Quebec



ÉCOSOLARIS has made it its mission to make energy independence accessible to everyone. By offering multiple energy efficiency alternatives, our company is focused on making sure your projects see the light of day. Let our experts assist you to meet all your energy needs in just three easy steps.

  • Step 1 – Project Assessment
  • Step 2 – Design and Installation
  • Step 3 – Enjoying the benefits

1. Project Assessment

Looking to reduce your impact on the environment while still maximizing a return on your investment? Trying to become 100% energy independent by switching to renewable energy sources? Identify your project objectives clearly and submit your ideas to the ÉCOSOLARIS team. Our professionals will take the time to assess all possible options available to you in order to turn your project into a reality and make it a success. Define your needs and share your ideas with us.

Nothing is impossible!

2. From The Design Phase To Installation

Each project is unique. That’s why our team can take your complex ideas and transform them into simple yet realistic solutions. By choosing ÉCOSOLARIS, you benefit from a turnkey service where every detail from A to Z is overseen by one of our experts. You can also opt for purchasing the hardware and the components you need to do the work yourself. In either case, we are here to advise you and help you throughout your project.

3. Taking Advantage Of The Benefits

Once your installation is completed, you can start taking advantage of all the benefits that renewable energy has to offer. By becoming more self-sufficient in your energy needs, you will reduce your electricity bills and reduce your environmental footprint by making a positive impact on the environment. These initiatives contribute to making the world a better and healthier place to live. Thank you for leading by example!

Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

  • "A colleague recommended their services to me. They were very generous with their time and their expertise; they were able to advise me and showed me how to maximize my system, all within my budget. What a professional team!"

    Stéphane from Repentigny
  • "I would highly recommend using ÉCOSOLARIS. Their team and services helped me to complete my project in a relatively short period of time and to take steps towards energy independence. "

    Serge from Gatineau
  • "Thanks to ÉCOSOLARIS! They really helped making my new construction greener, their inputs was very valuable!"

    Vincent from Saint-Jérôme
  • "Thanks to the guidance we received from these expert advisors, we were able to see our project come to life while staying within budget. We now benefit from all the advantages of an optimal energy independent system. "

    Alain and Francine from Mirabel
  • "I love my new biomass radiant heating system. They made the process simpler and more efficient than I expected!"

    Johanne from Sutton
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