A major recreational tourism project in the Great North

We are extremely proud of our participation in the development of a major recreational and tourism project in the Great North. We have been selected to provide solar energy systems for a “glamping” site located in the magnificent James Bay.

This exciting project aims to provide electricity to twelve tents that will be set up in the lush and secluded nature of the Cree lands. Thanks to our reliable and sustainable solar energy systems, visitors will have the privilege of enjoying optimal comfort while being surrounded by the natural beauty and preservation of the region.

We are thrilled to contribute to this project that harmoniously combines tourism and environmental preservation. Our commitment to renewable energy and our expertise in the solar field will allow us to provide an ecological and efficient energy solution for this unique site.

We are looking forward to seeing this project come to life and welcoming visitors who will have an unforgettable experience in harmony with nature in the exceptional setting of James Bay.