A great weekend at Vanfest de Charlevoix

Photo aérienne Vanfest de Charlevoix 2023 Isles-Aux-Coudres Ecosolaris

The 2023 edition of Vanfest de Charlevoix, presented by ECOSOLARIS, took place over the weekend on Île-aux-Coudres.

Once again, it was a resounding success, with over 120 recreational vehicles of all kinds and hundreds of festivalgoers and local residents in attendance.

It must be said that the organizer, Jean-Nicolas Perron, and his numerous volunteers went to great lengths to ensure the event’s success.

To entertain the participants, several activities were planned at the enchanting site of Île-aux-Coudres.

Among these activities, we can highlight:

  • Cycling tour of the island
  • Outdoor yoga
  • Vanlife & Travel workshop
  • Several evening music performances
  • Personal and nature well-being workshop

Vanfest 2023 Ecosolaris

So it was in a spirit of camaraderie and celebration that festival-goers were able to exchange their passion for vanlife. Many smiles, music, and beautiful encounters took place. In short, a lot of fun!

As the official presentator of the festival, we had the chance to spend a fantastic weekend discussing vanlife and autonomous energy systems for recreational vehicles with the many festivalgoers who stopped by our booth. We were able to showcase our specially equipped van and present the solar system it was equipped with. It’s worth mentioning that we were well-equipped with our microwave, coffee maker, fridge, and all the convenient accessories.

With our comprehensive system, equipped with cutting-edge technology and all its options, festivalgoers gained a better understanding of all the components available to them when it comes to transforming their van or simply upgrading their system.

We cannot conclude this review of the 2023 edition of Vanfest de Charlevoix without expressing special thanks to the organization, which did an outstanding job and treated us exceptionally well throughout the weekend. From our perspective, the true beauty of this event resided in the people. What a great group!

Below, you will find some photos from the weekend.

We eagerly await the next edition and invite you to join us next year.

Kiosque van produits solaire Ecosolaris au Festival Vnfest de Charlevoix 2023